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Friday, 25 March 2016 16:28

Woman indeed thou art blessed! by Sefa Ayede

This is to the women who have been mothers even long before they thought of being mothers. Sitting at the feet of other great women around, learning true values of womanhood and not letting go of the lessons taught to them; daring to stand out against all who still look down on them for being the bringers and the true supporters of life.

This is to young girls who are female versions of their father in stature and physique with bodies ever so tender on the outside but with stronger hearts.

This is to the females who have been taught the truth about genuine beauty not being in the outward appearance but by the immeasurable weight of the content of their hearts.

This is to the young girls whom society has condemned calling worthless and giving those diminishing labels to cast down their person, pulling them down without any act of helping them up.

This is to the women running the men’s world in heels from 9-5 not compromising themselves to suit the acceptance of others but still daring to break grounds.

To the older women never ashamed of their silver strands of wisdom running through their mane ever willing to give of themselves to the younger generations and acting as mothers to all who come their way.

This is to the hurting woman learning to love even long years of mending a heart shattered by broken trust and deception from those undeserving of her love and kindness.

To the woman waiting to endure labour pains and who celebrates the birth of new whenever she sees her sister.

To the young girl who’s still finding it hard to believe what her parents told her; the truth of her beauty and power to be the best at whatever she sets her mind to do...

God made Eve out of Adam’s rib bone not to show that we have to rely on the world to find fulfilment nor to succumb to standards that refuse to accept the bold and world changing figures that we are. God made Eve out of Adam’s rib bone to show that the world is not complete without us! We are the finishing piece to God’s perfect creation story. Like the icing on the cake, we sure are more than necessary for we are more than jewels!

You are not a last minute decision made by God. You have always been in His master plan – the world would have been incomplete had God not sent you down here. You are powerful, never aging, beautiful, an extra-ordinary wonder. Woman, young girl or baby girl, you are worth the world’s attention and ovation! The spotlight was made for you not to shy from but to stand with all boldness to be a central display of God’s awesome craftsmanship. Woman! Be proud to answer to your name, Woman indeed thou art blessed!

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