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Dear Friend,

Let us be very thankful to the Lord God Almighty for bringing us this far in life!

Many died on the very day they were born but look at you today, grown and looking lovely as never before!

You know what friend, it's time we faced facts.

Sometimes, it beats my imagination to think how some of us position ourselves in life...

How many of us can proudly boast of not having stolen huge or small sums of money? How many of us can proudly boast of having our virginities untouched? How many of us can proudly boast of never telling malicious lies against our own friends or people we do not perceive as closely related to us?

The BIG QUESTION is; is the Lord God who out of love for humanity and who has sustained us up until this time, happy with all these? The answer certainly is a NO!

We human beings allow ourselves to be controlled by emotions and many other things in our bodies. Scientifically, these things can be effectively controlled. But how can we do this? It is sometimes very difficult to control them out of our own will, power and strengths. These days, most of the wrongdoings that depict us are not things we consciously would want to do, but it is all because of our inability to control these things produced in our bodies. Should we sit back and say, after all we will beg for forgiveness. Then later on go back and repeat the same wrongdoings? I don’t think this is right. Maybe we've not yet realised it, but the fact is and will forever remain that there is an everlasting solution. And that solution simply is to give ourselves fully to the Lord and be steadfast in Him.

Our relationship with the Lord is compared to the concept of how a magnetic material gets attracted to a magnet. The closer a magnetic material gets to a magnet, the more difficult it becomes attracted to some other magnet when brought near it. In the same way, the more close we get to our Lord, the more difficult it becomes for any other disagreeing force to win us. This is because the Lord's magnetic force is stronger than the inter-atomic bond existing in the hardest object ever known! This strength of the Lord enables us to have control over every emotion, over our will power, over our outward life, and over practically everything! Mind you, having control or command over all situations means glorying in an everlasting happiness. That is the point!

Let us remember that our Lord is a merciful and forgiving one, a caring and a loving one, an understanding and a gracious one, and you name it! Having realised our hidden misdeeds, let's remember that no time is too late. Before the Lord, let us with all our hearts and minds bring forward in an act of confession all our misdeeds. Once you can genuinely do this, believe me your some time ago trespasses will be forgiven. Let the rest of the year be of good tidings and absolute transition from our old past to a brand new beginning. Take good and productive decisions and always consider yourself an individual with UNIQUE innate qualities.

Friend, it will be better for us to change now than never!

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