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Monday, 18 March 2013 21:32

Godly Mothers

A mother occupies a unique place in history. If there were no mothers, there would have been no sons and daughters, no society, no community and the entire world would have been very boring and stagnant.  However, the society has become a wonderful place because of mothers (Godly mothers), who have raised and are still raising Godly children.

A mother is so unique in creation that she can be considered as God’s perfection and the crown of His works, because after God created the woman, He rested (Genesis 2). The Bible celebrates motherhood and it teaches us that Godly mothers play a crucial role in God’s programme for the world.

The first woman was made a helpmeet; a companion and someone who was made to make completeness possible for the man.

What are the roles of a mother in the home?

The mother must first recognise the important fact that while Jesus is the head of the Church, the man is the head of the home.  Whenever this role becomes inverted, the home will be invaded by all kinds of unimaginable problems.

  1. Submission to husbands (Eph. 5:22-24) – Our submission should be in all things (not sinful), and not some things. A mother should reverence her husband at all times. Esther refused to behave like Queen Vashti, she did not take her position as Queen for granted, and she reverenced her husband.
  2. Wisdom in her dealings (Proverbs 14:1,3) – She does not depend on carnal wisdom but Godly wisdom with anything that concerns her home and she executes her plans prayerfully.
  3. Training up children – Good children cannot be trained in homes where roles are inverted.  The society looks up to the Church for guidance and direction as far as good homes are concerned. In Proverbs 31:27-28, for a woman to take good charge of the household, she must devote time and attend to the needs of the children.  Every mother must study the characteristics of a child at various points of their growth.  At every stage, they need to be guided, taught, supervised and nurtured properly.  A mother should place premium on training all her children.  If you are too busy to take care of and train your children, you are too busy to carry out your divine assignment. The Children are our future generations.
  4. The power of the tongue –The truth is that your husband and children are what you make out of them. You can make them either angels or devils through your speech.  As a virtuous mother, you should always speak positive words to your husband and children.  What you say either in public or in secret will evoke wellness, joy and peace in the life of your husband and children.
  5. A mother is a woman who works very hard – Whether you do a secular job or engage in business, you have many duties to perform as a homemaker. We should not allow the hustle and bustle of life to deprive our children of motherly love and affection.
  6. One of the greatest things a woman can do to affect the home, the Church and the community positively is intercession – The fervent prayer of a woman can touch the untouchables, change the unchangeable and soften the incorrigible. When a woman utilises the power of prayer, the sky cannot be the limit of her influence. Don’t ever get too busy that you have no time to intercede for divine intervention in your homes.  Lamentation 2:19
  7. The sphere of the woman should not be restricted to home and Church, she must exert positive influence over the community and her nation.  Matt 5:14 -The slogan, “Be heavenly conscious and earthly useless or irrelevant”, should not be our slogan. If God wanted us to completely avoid involvement in our society, He would have saved us and taken us to Heaven immediately. Judges 5:1

Finally, dear sister in Christ, we are living in perilous times and I therefore counsel you to spend much time seeking God’s face and depend on Him for grace and strength.  Are you conscious of any inadequacies? The Lord will turn your weakness into strength.  God is doing a new thing in these end times.  He is raising a new crop of Godly women and mothers.  He is releasing a new anointing for exploits in motherhood.  Receive a new anointing today for your life, family and children in Jesus’ Name!

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