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a) APPLICABLE WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATION: This Privacy Policy will refer to and be applicable to the Mobile App listed above, which shall hereinafter be referred to as "Mobile App."

b) PARTIES: The parties to this privacy policy are the following data controller: RCCG CITY OF DAVID CAMBRIDGE, UK ("Data Controller") and you, as the user of this Mobile App. Hereinafter, the parties will individually be referred to as "Party" and collectively as "Parties."

c) DATA CONTROLLER: Data Controller is the publisher, owner, and operator of the Website and Mobile App and is the Party responsible for the collection of information described herein. Data Controller shall be referred to either by Data Controller's name or "Data Controller," as listed above. If Data Controller or Data Controller's property shall be referred to through first-person pronouns, it shall be through the use of the following: us, we, our, ours, etc.

d) YOU: Should you agree to this Privacy Policy and continue your use of the Mobile App, you will be referred to herein as either you, the user, or if any second-person pronouns are required and applicable, such pronouns as 'your", "yours", etc.

e) PERSONAL DATA: "Personal DATA" means personal data and information that we obtain from you in connection with your use of the Mobile App that is capable of identifying you in any manner.


This privacy policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") describes how we collect and use the Personal Data that we receive about you, as well as your rights in relation to that Personal Data, when you visit our Website and  Mobile App and interact with it in any way, including passively.

This Privacy Policy does not cover any information that we may receive about you through sources other than the use of our Website and Mobile App. The Website and Mobile App may link out to other websites or mobile applications, but this Privacy Policy does not and will not apply to any of those linked websites or applications.

We are committed to the protection of your privacy while you use our Website and Mobile App.

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The Party responsible for the processing of your personal data is as follows: RCCG CITY OF DAVID CAMBRIDGE, UK. The Data Controller may be contacted as follows:

RCCG CITY OF DAVID CAMBRIDGEUnit BC, The Paddocks Business Centre
347 Cherry Hinton Road,
Cambridge, CB1 8DH.Contacts: 01223 415417
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Data Controller and operator of the Website and Mobile App are one and the same.

The Data Protection Officer is as follows: Admin Office RCCG CITY OF DAVID CAMBRIDGE. The Data Protection Officer may be contacted as follows:

Unit BC, The Paddocks Business Centre
347 Cherry Hinton Road,
Cambridge, CB1 8DH.Contacts: 01223 415417
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The location where the data processing activities take place is as follows:

Unit BC, The Paddocks Business Centre
347 Cherry Hinton Road,
Cambridge, CB1 8DH.Contacts: 01223 415417
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We reserve the right to modify, revise, or otherwise amend this Privacy Policy at any time and in any manner. If we do so, however, we will notify you and obtain your consent to the change in processing. Unless, we specifically obtain your consent, any changes to the Privacy Policy will only impact the information collected on or after the date of the change. It is also your responsibility to periodically check this page for any such modification, revision or amendment.


Depending on how you use our Website and Mobile App, you will be subject to different types of Personal Data collected and different manners of collection:

a) Registered users: You, as a user of the Mobile App, may be asked to register in order to use the Mobile App in a legal manner.

During the process of your registration, we will collect some of the following Personal Data from you through your voluntary disclosure:


Personal Data may be asked for in relation to:

I) Interaction with our representatives in any way

II) Receiving notifications by text message or email about marketing

III) Receiving general emails from us

IV) Commenting on our content or other user-generated content on our Mobile App, such as blogs, articles, photographs or videos, or participating in our forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms or other similar features

V) Or the following other forms of participation:

Church group chats and pastors end to end chat

By undergoing the registration process, you consent to us collecting your Personal Data, including the Personal Data described in this clause, as well as storing, using or disclosing your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

b) Unregistered users: If you are a passive user of the Mobile App and do not register at all, you may still be subject to certain passive data collection ("Passive Data Collection"). Such Passive Data Collection may include through cookies, as described below, IP address information, location information, and certain browser data, such as history and/or session information.

c) All users: The Passive Data Collection that applies to unregistered users shall also apply to all other users and/or visitors of our Website and Mobile App.

d) Related Entities: We may share your Personal Data, including Personal Data that identifies you personally, with any of our parent companies, subsidiary companies, affiliates or other trusted related entities.

However, we only share your Personal Data with a trusted related entity if that entity agrees to our privacy standards as set out in this Privacy Policy and to treat your Personal Data in the same manner that we do.

e) Email Marketing: You may be asked to provide certain Personal Data, such as your name and email address, for the purpose of receiving email marketing communications. This information will only be obtained through your voluntary disclosure and you will be asked to affirmatively opt-in to email marketing communications.

f) User Experience: From time to time we may request information from you to assist us in improving our Mobile App, such as demographic information or your particular preferences.

g) Content Interaction: Our Website and Mobile App may allow you to comment on the content that we provide or the content that other users provide, such as blogs, multimedia, or forum posts. If so, we may collect some Personal Data from you at that time, such as, but not limited to, username or email address.

h) Other Information: In addition to collecting the Personal Data as already described herein, we may also collect the following Personal Data:

video conferencing for Church receiving Audio


Cookies: We may collect information from you through automated tracking systems (such as information about your browsing preferences) as well as through information that you volunteer to us (such as information that you provide during a registration process or at other times while using the Mobile App, as described above).

For example, we use cookies to make your browsing experience easier and more intuitive: cookies are small strings of text used to store some information that may concern the user, his or her preferences or the device they are using to access the internet (such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone). Cookies are mainly used to adapt the operation of the site to your expectations, offering a more personalized browsing experience and memorizing the choices you made previously.

A cookie consists of a reduced set of data transferred to your browser from a web server and it can only be read by the server that made the transfer. This is not executable code and does not transmit viruses.

Cookies do not record or store any Personal Data. If you want, you can prevent the use of cookies, but then you may not be able to use our Website and Mobile App as we intend. To proceed without changing the options related to cookies, simply continue to use our Website and Mobile App.

Technical cookies: Technical cookies, which can also sometimes be called HTML cookies, are used for navigation and to facilitate your access to and use of the site. They are necessary for the transmission of communications on the network or to supply services requested by you. The use of technical cookies allows the safe and efficient use of the site.

You can manage or request the general deactivation or cancellation of cookies through your browser. If you do this though, please be advised this action might slow down or prevent access to some parts of the Website and Mobile App.

Cookies may also be retransmitted by an analytics or statistics provider to collect aggregated information on the number of users and how they visit the Website and Mobile App. These are also considered technical cookies when they operate as described.

Temporary session cookies are deleted automatically at the end of the browsing session - these are mostly used to identify you and ensure that you don't have to log in each time - whereas permanent cookies remain active longer than just one particular session.

Support in configuring your browser: You can manage cookies through the settings of your browser on your device. However, deleting cookies from your browser may remove the preferences you have set for our Website and Mobile App.

For further information and support, you can also visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using:

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Log Data: Like all websites and mobile applications, this Website and Mobile App also makes use of log files that store automatic information collected during user visits. The different types of log data could be as follows:

- internet protocol (IP) address;
- type of browser and device parameters used to connect to the Mobile App;
- name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP);
- date and time of visit;
- web page of origin of the user (referral) and exit;
- possibly the number of clicks.

The aforementioned information is processed in an automated form and collected in an exclusively aggregated manner in order to verify the correct functioning of the site, and for security reasons. This information will be processed according to the legitimate interests of the Data Controller.

For security purposes (spam filters, firewalls, virus detection), the automatically recorded data may also possibly include Personal Data such as IP address, which could be used, in accordance with applicable laws, in order to block attempts at damage to the Website and Mobile App or damage to other users, or in the case of harmful activities or crime. Such data are never used for the identification or profiling of the user, but only for the protection of the Website and Mobile App and our users. Such information will be treated according to the legitimate interests of the Data Controller.


We may utilize third-party service providers ("Third-Party Service Providers"), from time to time or all the time, to help us with our Website and Mobile App, and to help serve you better.

We may use Third-Party Service Providers to host the Website and Mobile App. In this instance, the Third-Party Service Provider will have access to your Personal Data.

We may allow third parties to advertise on the Mobile App. These third parties may use cookies in connection with their advertisements (see the "Cookies" clause in this Privacy Policy).

We may use Third-Party Service Providers for the following services in relation to the Website and Mobile App:

Namecheap hostings platforma on Jistijs video api

We only share your Personal Data with a Third-Party Service Provider if that provider agrees to our privacy standards as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Data will not be sold or otherwise transferred to other third parties without your approval.

Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Privacy Policy, we may provide your Personal Data to a third party or to third parties in order to protect the rights, property or safety, of us, our customers or third parties, or as otherwise required by law.

We will not knowingly share your Personal Data with any third parties other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If your Personal Data might be provided to a third party in a manner that is other than as explained in this Privacy Policy, you will be notified. You will also have the opportunity to request that we do not share that information.

In general, you may request that we do not share your Personal Data with third parties. Please contact us via email, if so. Please be advised that you may lose access to certain services that we rely on third-party providers for.


We use secure physical and digital systems to store your Personal Data when appropriate. We ensure that your Personal Data is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction.

Please note, however, that no system involving the transmission of information via the internet, or the electronic storage of data, is completely secure. However, we take the protection and storage of your Personal Data very seriously. We take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data.

Personal Data is stored throughout your relationship with us. We delete your Personal Data upon request for cancellation of your account or other general request for the deletion of data.

In the event of a breach of your Personal Data, you will be notified in a reasonable time frame, but in no event later than two weeks, and we will follow all applicable laws regarding such breach.


We primarily use your Personal Data to help us provide a better experience for you on our Website and Mobile App and to provide you the services and/or information you may have requested, such as use of our Website and Mobile App.

Information that does not identify you personally, but that may assist in providing us broad overviews of our customer base, will be used for market research or marketing efforts. Such information may include, but is not limited to, interests based on your cookies.

Personal Data that may be considering identifying may be used for the following:

a) Improving your personal user experience

b) Communicating with you about your user account with us

c) Marketing and advertising to you, including via email

d) Advising you about updates to our Website and Mobile App or related Items


Although our policy is to maintain the privacy of your Personal Data as described herein, we may disclose your Personal Data if we believe that it is reasonable to do so in certain cases, in our sole and exclusive discretion. Such cases may include, but are not limited to:

a) To satisfy any local, state, or Federal laws or regulations

b) To respond to requests, such as discovery, criminal, civil, or administrative process, subpoenas, court orders, or writs from law enforcement or other governmental or legal bodies.

c) To bring legal action against a user who has violated the law or violated the terms of use of our Website and Mobile App

d) As may be necessary for the operation of our Website and Mobile App

e) To generally cooperate with any lawful investigation about our users

f) If we suspect any fraudulent activities on our Website and Mobile App or if we have noticed other activities which may violate our terms or other applicable rules


We may allow users to post their own content or information publicly on our Website and Mobile App. Such content or information may include, but is not limited to, photographs, status updates, blogs, articles, or other personal snippets. Please be aware that any such information or content that you post ought to be considered entirely public and that we do not purport to maintain the privacy of such public information.


From time to time, we may send you informational or marketing communications related to our Website and Mobile App such as announcements or other information. If you wish to opt-out of such communications, you may contact the following email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also click the opt-out link which will be provided at the bottom of any and all of such communications.

Please be advised that even though you may opt-out of such communications, you may still receive information from us that is specifically about your use of our Website and Mobile App or about your account with us.

By providing any Personal Data to us, or by using our Website and Mobile App in any manner, you have created a commercial relationship with us. As such, you agree that any email sent from us or third-party affiliates, even unsolicited email, shall specifically not be considered SPAM, as that term is legally defined.


If you wish to modify or delete any information we may have about you, or you wish to simply access any information we have about you, you may do so from your account settings page.


By continuing to our Website and Mobile App in any manner, use the product, you manifest your continuing assess to this Privacy Policy. You further acknowledge, agree and accept that no transmission of information or data via the internet is always completely secure, no matter what steps are taken. You acknowledge, agree and accept that we do not guarantee or warrant the security of any information that you provide to us, and that you transmit such information at your own risk.


You have many rights in relation to your Personal Data. Specifically, your rights are as follows:

- to be informed about the processing of your Personal Data

- to have access to your Personal Data

- to update and/or correct your Personal Data

- to portability of your Personal Data

- to oppose or limit the processing of your Personal Data

- to request that we stop processing and delete your Personal Data

- to block any Personal Data processing in violation of any applicable law

- to launch a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States or applicable data protection authority in another jurisdiction

Such rights can all be exercised by contacting us at the relevant contact information listed in this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the way we collect information from you, or if you would like to launch a complaint about anything related to this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Who We Are

LIGHT Cambridge

L - abourers

I - n

G - od's

H - elping

T - askforce

LIGHT Cambridge is committed to transforming the lives of people and effecting positive change to communities in Cambridge. 

Nothing is too small or too big for LIGHT Cambridge to get involved in...

What We Do:

  1. LIGHT Cambridge provides support to people who need it most from donations raised through community events and activities
  2. LIGHT Cambridge provides a helping hand so others can realise their aspirations and get their life on track. 
  3. LIGHT Cambridge provides a wide variety of opportunities for people to reach out into the communities and help others in practical ways through volunteerism. 

Organisations we have worked with:

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice, Cambridge City Council, Cambridge City Foodbank, Compassion UK, Teenage Cancer Trust, The Firefighter Charity, Hope Into Action, NHS Foundation Trust, TLC, Cherry Hinton, HOPE Cambridge, Christian Aid, The Besom, British Redcross, and many others. 

For more informaion about what we do, to join our team of volunteers, or to support us financially (no amount is too small), please send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

#LIGHTCambridge Team


Make plans now, to join other young adults, for our Annual Young Adult Conference

Theme: Stand Out

Speakers: Evangelist Daniel Chand, Fiona Onasanya MP, Joel Adams, Pastor Amos Akinwale

Artistes: The Unlimited, Vassie, Danny O' Callaghan, Ibukun Adelaja, Patience James, Dean

We promise this event to be life-changing, and an awesome opportunity to get networking, experience awesome worship, encounter God in a whole new dimension, and of course, have fun!

For more information, and to register, visit our Facebook page @ RGEN4C.

Date: Saturday, 28 October - Sunday, 29 October 2017

Location main hall




Great to have you visit this page! We would love to offer you a glimpse into a typical Sunday morning service at City of David, Cambridge.

Our times of worship are more like celebrations as a result of the faith which we profess.  We gather together at the stated service times to lift our voices to sing praises to God and worship him from our hearts. The songs are usually quite contemporary praising the faithfulness of God and thanking him for his love towards mankind. Our worship in songs can be quite vibrant but also reflective, always full of gratitude to God for the newness of life that we have in Him, by being forgiven and transformed by His grace and mercy.

For the benefit of those new to Christianity, we take some time to explain the basis of our faith in Jesus Christ. A Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ and has come to a point where he realizes that he was born to worship his loving creator, God. Of our own natural abilities, self-discipline and goodness, we are not good enough to declare ourselves as righteous. Nothing that we do humanly can make us right with God. There is however another way to right standing with God and that is through Jesus Christ. God sent His Son Jesus to the earth to take away our sins and bring us into a closer relationship with God by dying on the cross for us. Through the death of Christ we were forgiven all our sins and made to have a right standing before God. If you would like to learn more about this salvation story and right standing with God, please speak with any of the minsters of the church.

What else Happens on Sunday?

We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. During our church service we have a bible teaching which provides insight into biblical principles. This is a very vital part of the service and last for about 45mins. Our bible teachers are great story tellers and often inject some humor into their teachings. More often than not, these sessions often lead to periods of introspective reflections which result in transforming lives for good.

Sometime during the service we ask those attending this church service for the first time to stand or raise their hands so that they can be identified and welcomed warmly by the congregation.

What can I wear?

We are always very happy to see new faces so please feel free to come as you are.

Our sunday services are times of revival, renewal, warmth, rejoicing and moments of truth for growth as believers of Jesus Christ. We truly look forward to welcoming you!

The church administrative office and worship center are behind Budgens Stores on Cherry Hinton road. No matter where you are in Cambridge, we aim to be a church near you, here is how you can get to us.


By Train:  Nearest Station: Cambridge

By Bus:Take the Citi 3 bus going towards Cherry Hinton(Stop at Budgens store on Cherry Hinton road).


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10-year Anniversary Magazine

Out Now!  View Here





Worker's Meeting: 

10:00am - 10:20am
Sunday School:  10:20am - 11:00am
Sunday Service: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Thanksgiving Service (Every first Sunday of the month): 11:00am - 1:00pm
Mid-Week Service: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Holy Communion (Every First Wednesday of the month after Thanksgiving Service):

7:00pm – 9:00pm





At RCCG City Of David, Cambridge, we are committed to respecting and maintaining the protection of your privacy. Any information that we collect for use on our official Church website (s) and other credible external technology partner sites, e.g. Social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (recognized by the use of our distinguished LOGO) is used to provide the best possible online experience for visitors. By using our website and other credible sites, you automatically agree to abide by the Privacy and Use Policies. Please note that our Privacy & Use Policy is subject to change at any time and it’s in the interest of visitors to refer back to our Privacy & Use Policy from time to time.


a. We do not automatically collect the personal details of visitors’ like the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, payment information, e.t.c. Such details are only collected when the visitor has voluntarily submitted their details. In this case, such details are only used for the purposes for which they were submitted for and we will not sell, trade, rent or disclose those personal details with any third parties. We use reasonable and appropriate safeguards to ensure your personal information is protected. We however reserve the right to monitor visitor traffic patterns and website usage to improve the quality of our website for a better visitor experience.

b. Our website designer uses leading internet security technology and practices. All of the data is protected against unauthorized access, as indicated by the secure icon on your browser.

c. Our Church website may be linked to external websites that are not operated by RCCG City Of David, Cambridge. Please note that our Church is not responsible for the information placed on such websites including subsequent links other than the official RCCG City Of David, Cambridge website. It’s therefore in the interest of visitors to check the respective privacy and usage policies of such websites.

d. RCCG City Of David, Cambridge may run promotions that may involve the use of personal identifiable information from volunteers. RCCG City Of David, Cambridge may use this information so that we can determine for instance the interest of visitors’ for a particular promotion. Please note that promotions are subject to change without notice.

e. Every effort is made to provide correct and up-to-date information within a reasonable timeframe. However, there may be occasions where information displayed on our website is incorrect or outdated. When this occurs, reasonable efforts will be made to rectify such information within a reasonable timeframe. Any concerns raised should be communicated either by e-mail or in writing to the contact details listed below.

f. All images, videos, audios, text, and other publications placed on our Church website (s) and other official technology partner sites are copyright of RCCG City Of David, Cambridge except for material by which we have sought permission from the author (s). Therefore, all images, videos, audios, text, and other publications must not be reproduced or altered in any way for personal or commercial use, without first seeking permission and getting approval from the Copyright holder.

To seek permission, for concerns, or for all other communications regarding our website privacy and usage policy, please send a request to the following e-mail:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Write to us by post to:

RCCG City Of David, Cambridge

Unit BC, The Paddocks,

347, Cherry Hinton Road,

Cambridge. CB1 8DH.




  • Offering: Offerings are used for various ministry and support Areas of the church
  • Tithes: Tithes are used for various ministry and support areas of the church.
  • Building Funds: Fund Gifts to this fund go towards the purchase of a new building for the church.
  • Missions: Gifts to this fund are used to support members of this ministry who are involved in missions or for this church to support Christian missionary work



Gift Aid gives you an extra 25p for every £1 you donate. 

Gift Aid is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC). If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25% because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.



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Contact Details

Unit BC, The Paddocks Business Centre,
347, Cherry Hinton Road,
Cambridge. CB1 8DH.

Contacts: 01223 415417
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Service Times


Sunday School:    10.30am - 11.00am
Sunday Service:   11:00am - 1:00pm

Interactive Bible Study: Wednesday 7pm - 9pm

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A parish of
The Redeemed Christian Church of God

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