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You are the Salt of the Earth

Matthew 5: 13; ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

In this passage, you will notice that Jesus was not speaking to the crowds of multitudes but referring to His disciples that they are the salt of the earth. Indicating you and I are the salt of the earth. Jesus did not say be salt or you have been made or you will be made salt of the earth but YOU are the salt of the earth.

What then is salt?

We all know the usefulness of salt either in our homes to add flavour or savour to our food or as a preservative. But what makes salt is its definitive property that is it is salty. Salt without its definitive property is of no value.

When Jesus used the word salt as a metaphor to describe His followers or disciples, He was saying that as salt has its definitive property that makes it salty or saltiness, also Christians must have definitive characteristics without which they would cease to be Christians. There must be something about you, something shared by all believers and followers of Jesus which is definitive. Something that marks you set you apart and identifies you as one of them.

A Christian without these special characteristics would simply not be christianly.

What constitute the saltines of a Christian or what makes you the salt of the earth?

Let’s read Matthew 5: 3-11.

  • Just as salt is salty, you should be poor in the Spirit. Those who are spiritually helpless without God. Not self reliant when spiritual things are concerned but God reliant.
  • You must be ready to mourn. The question you need to ask yourself is what should make you mourn? Whatever makes God mourn should be your concern.
  • You should be meek. Not self assertive, not always claiming rights and prerogatives. You must assume nothing, gladly taking the lowest seat and having attitude of a servant.
  • You must be hungry and thirst for righteousness. This must be your all consuming passion.
  • You must be merciful, not judgemental, forgiving, pure in heart and must be a peacemaker.
  • Finally be ready to be persecuted because your meekness will be taken advantage of or ridiculed, your mercy will be rebuked and your peacemaking effort will be actively undermined.

Paul counts it all blessing.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 20:48

What Did You Do With What You Heard

Text: Nehemiah 1: 4

When I heard this, I sat down and wept.

GOD IS AN ORGANISED GOD. Planning is a major or crucial issue in life. Learn to seat down and analyse situations. Learn to calm yourself in making decisions. Don’t ignore people when they want to speak to you. From the above text, Nehemiah heard, but did not stop at hearing. He did something with what he heard.

What do you do with the information you hear? The problem is not with what you heard but what you did with what you heard. What you do with the information you heard determines what will happen to you.

The faith that will move you from where you are now to your destination is through hearing. If Nehemiah had not sat down, he wouldn’t have known what to do, or analyse the situation at hand. He had a vision of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem but sat down to set out his mission and goals in achieving it.

Learn to sit down in every issue of your life. You can plan everything about your life, education, spiritual, finances, and many more when you are seated. Planning makes us to be prudent. A good plan enables you to know when to take a step of faith.

Have a proper plan for your life or you will live a chaotic life.  When you don’t know what to do with your time, the devil occupies it. (An idle hand is the devil’s workshop).

Learn how to plan. Plan your day. When you have a plan it helps you to appreciate the miracle of God better. If you don’t plan your life, it will be hijacked. The reason why people hijack our time or use our lives to achieve their purpose is because we do not have an effective planning for our lives. Proper planning also makes your prayer life effective. It makes your prayer life sharp and effective.

Learn to write things down. When you do a proper plan for your life, your life will be well spent.

Finally, every second matters. Plan your life. Planning is very important. When you plan you maximise your potentials.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 20:45

Being Made King and Priest Unto God

Text: Revelation 1:6

He hath made us kings and priest unto God and His father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen

The first word in the passage above read HE HAS MADE, Jesus Himself is the one who has made us (those who have been washed from their sins Rev 1: 5). It is not something we are aspiring to be but we have been made king and priest to Serve God. So, the authority of the king is directly linked with the one who rules over the kings of the earth.

The second question we need to ask ourselves is who is a king? In the book of 1 Samuel 10: 1, a king is a captain or leader over God’s inheritance. Therefore, what is God’s inheritance? Psalm 24: 1 shows us that the inheritance of God is massive. And as such, there is no king without a kingdom.

What makes a king is his kingdom. In the inheritance of God, there is a kingdom that is carved out for you. Our kingship has something to do with our kingdom. God gives us gifts so that we can reign in our kingdom.

My question to you is, if you are a king where is your domain? When you are not ruling in your kingdom, God is not ruling there. Because you have submitted your authority to the devil. Revelation 5: 9 says our kingship is here on earth and not in heaven. Kings rule by decree in their kingdom and have the final say.

Ecclesiastes 8: 4 where the word of a king is there is power. Until you locate your kingdom you can’t rule as a king. I want you to understand that the fact you have been made a king does not guarantee that you will rule as one. Ecclesiastes 10: 5-7; there is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceeded from the ruler. Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.

You can be a king and still live as a servant. Example of two kings in the bible, king Saul and David. David was a successful king while Saul failed woefully. Which one of them do you aspire to become? The choice is left to you.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 20:42

Your Awhile is Now

1 Peter 5: 10 – But the God of all grace who has called us into eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered awhile, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

One thing I want you to understand this morning is that God is not a talkative. Why? Because once God has spoken twice have I heard that power belong to God. Believe God you shall be established, believe His prophet you shall prosper. Your prosperity in life is tied with your belief of His prophet (2 chronicles 20: 20).

The turning point in the life of any Christian or believer is when their awhile comes. It is not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when.

Say after me, my challenges has passed their time allowed, my awhile is now.


The awhile of Moses came when he saw the burning bush (Exodus 3). Joseph awhile came when the king had a dream (Genesis 41: 1-44). Hannah’s awhile came when God heard her prayer at Shiloh (1 Samuel 1: 9-20). That of Elisha was when he saw Elijah departed as a result received a double portion of his anointing (2 king 2: 9-15).

God is interested in your welfare not only your soul, spirit and body. He is also interested in your increase. Psalm 105: 24 – And He increased His people greatly and made them stronger than their enemy. Proverbs 4: 18 – But the path of the just is as a shining light that shines more and more into a perfect day.

For your awhile to come, there are things God has to cut off from your life:


Some things have past their time in your life and you need to allow them to go, such things could be your job, a relationship or a house, and many others.


Fundamental problems, a besetting sin, little foxes that spoil the vine, sickness that will not go away, pride etc.


Moses had a problem with anger. A problem you don’t deal with when you are young/small when you become adult/old will definitely expose you.


How long will you allow the grace of God to be wasted? It is “too risky” not to take a risk. You cannot get to the next level of your life without adjustments. Until you let go of a queen Vashti, your Esther cannot come. You cannot change the things you accept.


Sleep could be a problem, too much food, inability to fast, stinginess, greediness, love of money, prayerlessness or procrastination. Procrastination is a steal of time


Could be a career, a job or a relationship.

Don’t think that God cannot set you free from these things, if you make a move God will make a room.


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Sunday, 03 March 2013 06:35

What Time Is It?

If you are a born again Christian the price for your wellbeing has been paid. Why are you not experiencing this redemptive welfare? Because God has left you a responsibility and until you under take this responsibility you do not enjoy the blessings. God is no respecter of persons. Where you are is not a plus compared to where you find yourself. Poverty is a universal citizen. Satan requires no visa to be anywhere. It does not matter where you are living, what matters is how you are living. I am glad to let you know that wealth is provided for in the Gospel.

That you don’t have does not mean it’s not there. How many of you will agree that healing is provided for in Redemption? But why are there so many sick people? Poverty is not God’s plan for you; poverty is part of the curses of the law and has been paid for, so you now have access to the blessings of Abraham. Your security is knowing your God and hearing His voice and fulfilling what He asks you to do. 

Genesis 8: 20-22; This is where the law of increase was enacted or established. It takes sowing to harvest. No sowing, no harvest. When you don’t give, don’t expect to receive. Many of us want increase but don’t agree with the process. For example; a farmer that does not put anything in the soil and expects harvest and begins to pray all manners of prayers, night vigils and fasting, his harvest will not come and if care is not taken the fasting and prayer may kill him.

Proverbs 21: 25-26; there are many things you are looking for but you may die in the process if you do not do what it takes to get it. Abundance is not what you desire, abundance is what you do. Proverbs 20: 4; everyone you see that has a reason for not giving has reasons to be poor. Every excuse for not giving is an excuse for being poor. Hear me, David was speaking, he said once I was young, now I am old, I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. Begging is unrighteous. By whatever style it is unrighteous. You will not beg in Jesus name. Amen.

There is something you can do with your hand, for your hand to be blessed. If you want to remain refreshed let go. It is very important people of God to know that God has not change and there is nothing new under the sun.

Is there famine now? There was famine in the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Why should you complain that things are very hard now? In all their times they were distinguished in spite of famine. Abraham in the midst of famine became very rich in gold, cattle, male and female servants. Amidst famine, Isaac went forward and “waxed” strong until he became very great and the Philistines envied him. There was also famine in the time of Jacob and the bible says Jacob declares God has blessed me in everything. So don’t harass God by saying things are hard, this is not the first time that things were hard.  In Jacob’s time, money failed yet hardship was far from his tabernacle. So when there was inflation Jacob was increasing. Brethren, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1: 9). Whatever was done then needs to be done now. If they prospered in time of famine, you can prosper now. All you need to do is to uphold the integrity in the covenant. It is nothing with God to bless, prosper or make rich but He is looking for able hands unto whom He would entrust the wealth.  

If you make yourself available by keying into this covenant, He would not hesitate to play His own part. As long as earth remaineth, seed time and harvest shall not seize. Financial bondage will only be broken when your position changes to fall in line with the word of God. Israelites were languishing in slavery in Egypt for 430 years, until they gave God His place they could not have their places. Exodus 4: 22; And God said Israel is my son, even my first born. And God said let my son go that they may serve me. When they were ready for God, God was ready for their liberty. When your commitment to God is established, God will eternally be committed to your liberty. Your greatness in this kingdom is tied to your quality of service. Your freedom is tied to your quality service. Not just being present but actively committed to the things of God. You might be there for twenty years but might not see what somebody who is there for one year has seen. It is not how long, but how well. If you serve God, He will free you. If you will not serve him, you may as well live in bondage. Service is the master key to liberty. Whosoever would be great among you, let him be the most servants of all.

There are two forces contending for your service. Jesus said, you cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot serve god and money. Mammon means money. A greater percentage of people on the earth today are purely living for money. In the morning, afternoon, at night, money has become the centre of their faculty. The bible says, those who love silver shall not be satisfied with it. The love of money equals idolatry. There is no man who can truly claim to be in love with God that money will matter to. Malachi 3: 7; Return unto me and i will return unto you. That is the foundation of abundance. When you return from your own way of doing things to His (God’s) own ways of doing things you have crossed over. You will cross over in Jesus name. Amen. If you will serve Him you will be free.

There is absolutely nothing you see around you today that God does not have more to offer. Exodus 4: 22; As soon as they returned to God, He also returned to them. Every time you return to God, He also returns to you and gets committed to your liberty. I PROHESY A MYSTERIOUS FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH FOR YOU THIS YEAR IN JESUS NAME. Everyone who is committed to serve God, God is committed to free them. If you will serve God with your means, God will be committed to you with his means. So, your commitment to Him is what determines your destiny with Him. Except a grain of seed fall into the ground and dies it abides alone, if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. Israel was committed and God became committed to them. When God is committed to your welfare brethren, you have crossed over.

For four hundred and thirty years Israel worked without wages but when they left Egypt, silver and gold became their luggage. God gave them favour, they plunged the land of Egypt, and they ruined their economy. They were paid in a single day for four hundred and thirty years labour. Brethren, I have never seen a man who is completely sowed out for God that never shine as a star on this earth. I have not met one who is all out for God and who is not all round successful. Exodus 8: 28; the farther you go, the brighter you become. Abraham took Isaac to mount moriah, he came back inheriting a whole generations of human race.  God said by myself have I sworn that in blessings I will bless you, in multiplication I will multiply you and by you shall all nations of the earth be blessed. The bible says wisdom makes the face of a wise man to shine and the boldness of his countenance shall be changed. WHAT IS WISDOM? Whosoever hears this saying of mine and shall do them the same is a wise man. And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn men to righteousness are stars of heaven forever and ever.

It is wisdom time for the church.  It is word practise time. So you hold the aces. Practising the word will make you shine as the stars. I am glad to let you know that some of you are about to stumble into some realm of wealth that would alarm your neighbours. You will become so attractive that men would hold on to your dress and say take me to this your God that has done you this well. Every time you see darkness, it is for God to distinguish His people. (Isaiah 60: 1-2). LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN THAT WEALTH IS NOT A PROMISE, IT IS A COVENANT. IT IS NOT CLAIMABLE BY PRAYER, IT IS NOT CLAIMABLE BY FASTING, YOU WALK INTO IT BY OBEDIENCE.

Brethren, it is worthy to note that commitment to giving is what provokes commitment to blessings. True riches are getting it when it is required. Not being stranded at any time. I DECREE OVER YOU THAT BEFORE YOUR NEEDS ARISE THE SUPPLY WOULD BE WAITING IN JESUS NAME. Amen.


Mind you, God is not looking for what you have; He gave it to you in the first instance. God will never need your help; He is your only dependable helper. You need God and you will always need Him. And to always receive from Him you just walk in obedience. 1 Chronicles 29: 2-3; using every resource at my command, I have gathered as much as I could  for building it – enough gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, and great quantities of onyx, other precious stones, costly jewels, and marble. This is your time to be lifted, don’t miss it.

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Next Level

Text: Rev 4: 1

Then as I looked, I saw a door standing open in heaven, and the same voice I had heard before spoke to me like a trumpet blast. The voice said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must happen after this.”

If you must go forward in life, there must be a change. You must make a move in order for God to make room for you. If you remain too long in your comfort zone, you will become uncomfortable. As Christians what we are most afraid of is making a move; and yet we don’t realise that our life will only expand at the rate or level of change in our life. It is what we accept, is exactly what we cannot change. Wherever you are today God has a better place. Your choice in life determines your chances in life. Choose to change.

From the above scripture, the ability to hear is a level of achievement. However, it also tells us that it is not enough to hear, but you must also be able to see. Don’t you know that whatever you see can be given to you? That how far you can see is determined by the height you possess! Where are you standing? Don’t you understand that if you haven’t seen it, you cannot possess it?

The word “Come” in the above passage is a command and not an instruction. Every bible character finds fulfilment in life as a result of APPEARANCE. Appearance can come to you through the word of God. God is asking you to come, leave your present territory, and take a step forward towards your next level. Your position determines your possession because your position determines your view; and YOUR view determines what you can get.

Brethren, your position has to change in everything, most especially in your knowledge and perception of God. The day you refuse to go forward, is the day you will begin to go backward. At this stage of your life, the question you need to ask is what’s NEXT?


You have graduated WHAT NEXT?

You have gotten married, WHAT NEXT?

Your promotion has come, WHAT NEXT?

You have finally sorted out your immigration status, WHAT NEXT?

Whatever position you are today, there is a next level. Your next level is your Place of Enthronement. See to it you don’t miss it!

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Monday, 21 January 2013 00:00

No Is An Answer

The need to accept God’s NO concerning some of the prayers we pray is determined by the level of spiritual growth, because it is this, that determines how best we accept His answer, despite the fact that the reason for His option of saying NO is not made clear to us. This happens because what God sees and plans for our lives is beyond what we can work or fathom out in our thinking or imagination (Isaiah 55: 8-9).

God is not under any obligation to say YES to our prayers, the only obligation He has is to answer our prayers when all factors that could hinder us from hearing has been adequately dealt with. His answer to our prayers may sometimes be seen unfavourable to us, because its not the outcome we are expecting, but He has a purpose for any answer He gives to us. One of the reasons why He says NO to our prayers is because He is very interested in the situation and wants to work it out in His own very way. Therefore, it is of great importance for us to accept the NO of God concerning that prayer that seems unanswered, because this is what will give us access to the alternative that He has for us.

In some cases, God can say YES to our prayers with some conditions attached to them, but “until you agree with the conditional YES of God, it will always appear NO. “

The following are the steps that are required to be taken when God says NO:
• Recognise His Presence in the situation you are going through
• Affirm or assert His power, that is, the fact that He says NO does not mean He cannot do it (Eph. 3:20-21)
• Affirm His purpose. You may not know the reason why, but believe it is for your good (Romans 8:28)
• Remember and believe that it is still within His master plan (Jer. 29:11)
• It’s a time to trust and be dependent on Him completely (Proverbs 3:5-6)
• It’s a time to delight, because of your assurance that He is totally in charge

May the Grace and the Strength of the Lord continue to be with you, as you accept His No, which makes a way for His Yes. See you on Sunday for our celebration service.

For Part1 and the rest of this message, you can visit our Multimedia or call +44-1223 415417 and get your copy of these awesome messages.

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Unhealthy Comparison

Text: 1 Samuel 18:7 – So the women sang as they danced, and said: “Saul has slain his thousands, And David his ten thousands”.

You don’t have to have a great gift for God to use you and your gifts in a great way. David was a great song writer (musician), a warfare strategist, and many others, but what brought him before king Saul was how good he could throw a stone. This however did not intimidate Soul – in fact he loved this skill of his (that is being a great strategist) – but what intimidated king Saul was because of what others said about David, because of unhealthy comparison (1 Samuel 18:7).

People may not like you because of your effectiveness. In fact people will perform better (more effective) when there is a level of competitiveness. We are effective because we are aware of each other. This level of competitiveness in terms of performance is not bad. God gives you a level of competitiveness to assess your performance within your purpose. But when we compare yourself to someone else who has a different skill, different purpose, different level of effectiveness, you must never think you can do better than they are. Especially since, God has given each and every one of us different skills; no matter how good you are, you will never be as good as being someone else.
Get rid of comparison. There is nothing wrong with killing a thousand. Even in the face of someone who has killed ten thousand, there will be someone who has killed more. There will always be someone who makes more money or is more brilliant than you. are But always bear in mind that there is nobody like you. Be who God called you to be. Get rid of stress, the comparison, the problem. Win on your level. You are the best at your level. Not everyone can be a general, but you can be the best sergeant, the best corporal. Soul really lacked the ability to walk in the company of greatness. Some people try to compete, try to conquer and even kill because of their inability to walk in the company of greatness.

We need to run in alignment with the vision (Hab. 2:3). You need to run in alignment with the vision that you have. You cannot run another man’s vision. You need to stir up the gift that God has given to you. He has not given you a spirit of fear, but of sound mind. Run your course, run and finish that race that God has given to you. God knows who you are created to be. He knows how high you can jump. All you need do is follow the one who knows what you can do. You need to go to God, and find out what you are capable of doing. See to it, that you don’t spend any more waking moment without finding this out.

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Monday, 18 March 2013 21:32

Godly Mothers

A mother occupies a unique place in history. If there were no mothers, there would have been no sons and daughters, no society, no community and the entire world would have been very boring and stagnant.  However, the society has become a wonderful place because of mothers (Godly mothers), who have raised and are still raising Godly children.

A mother is so unique in creation that she can be considered as God’s perfection and the crown of His works, because after God created the woman, He rested (Genesis 2). The Bible celebrates motherhood and it teaches us that Godly mothers play a crucial role in God’s programme for the world.

The first woman was made a helpmeet; a companion and someone who was made to make completeness possible for the man.

What are the roles of a mother in the home?

The mother must first recognise the important fact that while Jesus is the head of the Church, the man is the head of the home.  Whenever this role becomes inverted, the home will be invaded by all kinds of unimaginable problems.

  1. Submission to husbands (Eph. 5:22-24) – Our submission should be in all things (not sinful), and not some things. A mother should reverence her husband at all times. Esther refused to behave like Queen Vashti, she did not take her position as Queen for granted, and she reverenced her husband.
  2. Wisdom in her dealings (Proverbs 14:1,3) – She does not depend on carnal wisdom but Godly wisdom with anything that concerns her home and she executes her plans prayerfully.
  3. Training up children – Good children cannot be trained in homes where roles are inverted.  The society looks up to the Church for guidance and direction as far as good homes are concerned. In Proverbs 31:27-28, for a woman to take good charge of the household, she must devote time and attend to the needs of the children.  Every mother must study the characteristics of a child at various points of their growth.  At every stage, they need to be guided, taught, supervised and nurtured properly.  A mother should place premium on training all her children.  If you are too busy to take care of and train your children, you are too busy to carry out your divine assignment. The Children are our future generations.
  4. The power of the tongue –The truth is that your husband and children are what you make out of them. You can make them either angels or devils through your speech.  As a virtuous mother, you should always speak positive words to your husband and children.  What you say either in public or in secret will evoke wellness, joy and peace in the life of your husband and children.
  5. A mother is a woman who works very hard – Whether you do a secular job or engage in business, you have many duties to perform as a homemaker. We should not allow the hustle and bustle of life to deprive our children of motherly love and affection.
  6. One of the greatest things a woman can do to affect the home, the Church and the community positively is intercession – The fervent prayer of a woman can touch the untouchables, change the unchangeable and soften the incorrigible. When a woman utilises the power of prayer, the sky cannot be the limit of her influence. Don’t ever get too busy that you have no time to intercede for divine intervention in your homes.  Lamentation 2:19
  7. The sphere of the woman should not be restricted to home and Church, she must exert positive influence over the community and her nation.  Matt 5:14 -The slogan, “Be heavenly conscious and earthly useless or irrelevant”, should not be our slogan. If God wanted us to completely avoid involvement in our society, He would have saved us and taken us to Heaven immediately. Judges 5:1

Finally, dear sister in Christ, we are living in perilous times and I therefore counsel you to spend much time seeking God’s face and depend on Him for grace and strength.  Are you conscious of any inadequacies? The Lord will turn your weakness into strength.  God is doing a new thing in these end times.  He is raising a new crop of Godly women and mothers.  He is releasing a new anointing for exploits in motherhood.  Receive a new anointing today for your life, family and children in Jesus’ Name!

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Monday, 04 March 2013 20:48

Six Types of Giving

Abundance is not about what you desire; abundance is about what you do Proverbs 21: 25-26

  • TITHE: tithing is compulsory, obligatory, it is not optimal. It is insurance and security with God. If you don’t want your labour to be in vain, tithing goes straight to God. Lev 27: 30, all the tithe of the land is Gods.
  • OFFERING: “give it shall be given unto you”- Luke 6:38; 2 Corinthian 9:6, but remember this – if you give little, you will get little.
  • INVESTMENT IN THE KINGDOM BUILDING E.T.C: The word says there is no one who has invested anything in the kingdom who will not have one hundred fold more, now in this time and in the world to come eternal life – Matt 19:29. There is nothing you invest in the kingdom that is lost. Every given outside tithing is an investment. (Read Luke 18:29) That you have hundred folds in this world does not disqualify you from heaven, see Abraham. For God to manifest a hundred fold blessings upon your life in this time, all you need to do is become an addicted kingdom investor.
  • MINISTRYING TO THE POOR: The secret that Job discovered – Job 29: 1-13. Don’t despise the poor or you become one. When you become part of the joy of the one who is sorrowful, joy will not depart from your house. He that had pity on the poor lendeth to the Lord and that which he hath given will HE pay him again Proverbs 19: 17.
  • GIVING TO THE PROPHETS: Giving to those that ministers life to you make the grace of God to be multiplied to you. For example, He that receiveth a prophet in the name of the prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward (Matt 10: 11a) ministering to those who pour out grace unto you, makes God to pour out blessings upon your life.
  • GIVING TO PARENTS: Honour both your biological and spiritual parents by giving. “Honour your father and mother that your days may be long upon the land” Exodus 20: 12.

Hear me brethren, there is nothing that God design for you to hurt you, his commandment are not grievous. God is not planning to make life tough for you, He’s here to make life cheap for you. May you receive it in Jesus Name, Amen. Things were not working in Israel, the people vowed to God and He gave them rest round about. Vow to be committed to God with your means. It takes decision to have motion, it is time for financial motion in your life.

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